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Neutralizing Your Carpet to Keep it Clean
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Carpet Cleaning

We hate to keep tooting our Carpet Cleaning horn (yes, there IS such a thing), but, there is also such a thing as better carpet cleaning. And by better carpet cleaning, it can still be well-priced even LOW- priced (check out our super carpet cleaning deals on our Coupon Page) carpet cleaning: just carpet cleaning done better. Perhaps you have had the unfortunate experience of hiring a local Santa Barbara Carpet cleaner and, although when they left your carpets lived up to their “your carpets will look clean and amazing” promise, several hours later or even the next morning you perhaps caught a glimpse of stains resurfacing or a scent of an odor you thought had been eliminated – you may even smell a combo of that stain mixed with that chemical after burn- the worst! At Santa Barbara Carpet Cleaning, we are committed to the entire carpet cleaning experience – from start to finish. And the way we clean carpets, you will see – and smell – the difference.

Pet Stain Removal, Including Odor Elimination

Got Pets? In Santa Barbara County, we love our pets! Santa Barbara Carpet Cleaning wants you to love us just as much as your pets – mainly because we love teaching you about our combative techniques on tough pet stains! We also love the look on your face once we eliminate a mighty mutt stain or a There is nothing worse than pet stains on your carpet, except pet stains that set, then settle in over time. These pet stains not only soil your carpet, but they act as a magnet for other stains caused by foot traffic on your carpet, or when Rover makes that “second pass” to the same area since, the odor of pet stains is sometimes just as strong as the unfortunate stain itself…which brings us to our next Santa Barbara Carpet Cleaning Service…

Odor Elimination –

“If they smell it, they will come” – Your pets and other animals are drawn to Carpet Odors: not a good combo! Even crawling babies cannot resist the odor of last month’s double fudge birthday cake that got ground into the carpet (then stepped on, then licked by the dog, then stepped on again) – gross! Perish the thought of your toddler crawling in old smelly carpet stains or your pet returning to the scene of the crime to finish the job. Santa Barbara Carpet Cleaning takes each facet of carpet cleaning serious – from prep, to the carpet cleaning products, the process, our carpet cleaning process, and our odor eliminating effectiveness. Give us your

Scotchguard – Our carpet cleaning process of Neutralization prepares your carpet to be the most receptive to protection and Scotchguarding. Watch our Santa Barbara Carpet Professionals in action!

We have so many Carpet Services, it is difficult to know where to start. So we made this list of Carpet Cleaning and Upholstry Services to serve ALL you carpet needs, upholstery needs and furniture needs!:

Let’s CHAT about Carpet Cleaning in Santa Barbara County!

Chemicals, Heat, Agitation, and Time = the Santa Barbara Carpet Cleaning Formula for Success! We treat each carpet as though you want and need it for a lifetime!