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Residential Carpet Cleaning in Santa Barbara Life happens. Unfortunately, life happens to your carpet, too, and when it does this can include dirt, filth, stains, spots, pet accidents and odors, and more. Santa Barbara Power Carpet Cleaning can make life easier by cleaning your carpet with the care, cleanliness and maintenance it deserves. Even the toughest, deepest, smelliest carpet stains cannot elude our effective carpet cleaning process! These 4 key carpet cleaning components are an at-a-glance summary of our professional, quality carpet cleaning process: •Emulsifier Pre-Spray (cuts through the soil, breaking it up so it is easier to remove) •Clear Water Rinse (restores the imbalance of your carpet to a neutral PH level) •Powerful Carpet Cleaning Suction (penetrates deep into carpet to remove embedded soil) •Quick Dry (our suctioning process not only extracts dirt, but moisture too, so your carpet dries fast) Santa Barbara Power Carpet Cleaning Provides Carpet Protection We not only clean your carpet—we protect it! Our carpet cleaning technicians use DuPont Teflon Advanced carpet cleaning products that protect your carpet investment by lengthening the life of your carpet. When applied with our specialized carpet cleaning method, Teflon repels spills and soil, which make long-term carpet cleaning easier and more effective. We have found that Teflon is the best overall carpet protector, as it delivers the utmost in shielding your carpet fibers from damage-causing factors including regular wear and tear, dirty foot traffic, and the spills and accidents that are a part of daily life. The fact that it is also safe for your family and pets makes Teflon the choice for SB Carpet Cleaning. Teflon does this when applied properly by Santa Barbara Power Carpet Cleaning technicians by an air spray application that coats each fiber with a protective shield of Teflon that prevents dirt and stains from permeating the carpet fibers by being ground in or absorbed. Another benefit of Teflon is that it does not change the appearance or texture of your carpet. It simply deep cleans it, and then acts as a preventative to future wear and tear, prolonging the life of your carpet. Santa Barbara Power Carpet Cleaning offers alternatives to Teflon carpet cleaning, simply call us and ask about our carpet cleaning services and we are happy to assist you in making a smart choice for your unique carpet cleaning needs. Carpet Cleaning Services Santa Barbara Carpet Cleaning offers professional, safe and effective cleaning services such as the following for your home or office: Carpet Cleaning for all types of carpet Area Rug cleaning (large or small) Oriental Rug cleaning and Specialty Rug cleaning Cleaning for your RV Pet Odor Control & Elimination Services Carpet Protectant Services Carpet Spot Removal Professional Care for Carpets, Upholstery, Floors and More Quick Drying Carpet Methods THE SB CARPET CLEANING PROMISE: FREE ESTIMATES! (call or click online) NO HIDDEN FEES! (Enjoy final pricing based on our no obligation, free, written estimate) 100% GUARANTEE (All of our work is guaranteed. We will return at no additional charge to make sure you are satisfied) CARPET, RUG and FLOOR CLEANING SPECIALS (visit our online specials page, or call us to find out) Attention: Commercial and Property Management Companies Santa Barbara Power Carpet Cleaning works with all types of businesses needing cleaning services. We will work around your schedule and meet your billing cycle requirements. We offer our stellar carpet cleaning services to restaurants, retail venues, business offices and complexes, real estate agent properties, hotels, vacation rentals, property management companies and more! The Santa Barbara Power Carpet Cleaning Superior Carpet Cleaning Method: Our carpet cleaning method reaches above and beyond our competitors. We start by employing, training, and licensing highly skilled carpet cleaners and technicians. We train our technician to use a high standard carpet cleaning method called Steam Cleaning or Hot Water Extraction. This involves spraying water at high temperatures and power to skillfully blast dirt out of the depths of the carpet, and then suck out dirty water, additional soil, and suction moisture for quick drying times. Our truck-mounted carpet cleaning units are stationed outside the home or business and applied with a hose and floor tools. Additionally, we use portable cleaning systems that can reach anywhere in your home or business, including apartment or business complexes located in multi-story buildings. Who Says Santa Barbara Power Carpet Cleaning is Superior? This is a great question and one you should always consider when choosing a cleaning service. The task of making a smart choice for a service company that provides carpet, floor, and upholstery cleaning can include the following considerations that we have listed here along with how SB Cleaning will meet your needs: Carpet Cleaning Service location (Santa Barbara Power Carpet Cleaning services the greater Santa Barbara County) Carpet Cleaning Service list of services (Santa Barbara Power Carpet Cleaning cleans carpets, floors, upholstery, drapery, kitchens, bathrooms, hardwood floors, stone and marble, tile and grout lines, specialty and area rugs, and more) Carpet Cleaning cost (Santa Barbara Power Carpet Cleaning provides free estimates with no obligation) Carpet Cleaning methods (Our Teflon carpet cleaning, power washing services, air spray carpet cleaning, and eco-friendly product lines mean safe, effective cleaning to meet your needs) Carpet Cleaning details (Santa Barbara Power Carpet Cleaning provides steam cleaning or hot water extraction as it is considered the best in the carpet cleaning industry and the carpet cleaning method recommended by all of the biggest carpet manufacturers and carpet fiber producers) The Life of your carpet (this depends on how you clean it and Santa Barbara Power Carpet Cleaning not only commits to the cleaning of your carpet, but ensures maintaining—even lengthening—the life of your carpet by protecting it with eco-friendly agents that seal the fibers and repel dirt, dust and liquids) How Do I Know my carpet is really clean? (Santa Barbara Power Carpet cleaning knows our carpet cleaning methods are the best, but we don’t expect you to. That is why we want you to know via the world's largest carpet manufacturer. Shaw Industries publishes a brochure on carpet maintenance and it recommends the carpet cleaning methods we use as the best, based their latest research). How often should I have my carpets cleaned? There are many factors to consider when deciding how often to get your carpets cleaned. This includes the following: •Number of residents in the home •How frequent the foot traffic is in the home •Whether or not the home has indoor pets •The color of the carpet •Level of current stains and/or damage to the carpet Generally speaking, it is recommended that carpets be professionally cleaned every 6 to 18 months. It is an urban myth that carpets cleaned before they get “too dirty” will in turn get dirty more quickly. Your maintenance of your carpet is a key component to sustaining the cleanliness and longevity of the carpet, such as regularly vacuuming. How long does carpet cleaning to dry? Thanks to the Santa Barbara Power Carpet Cleaning method of cleaning carpets, the drying time is greatly less than other methods of carpet cleaning. Once we are at the carpet cleaning stage of suctioning out the dirt and soil that has been broken up, a majority of the moisture goes with it, thereby decreasing the time it takes to dry. Timing of carpet cleaning can vary depending on the conditions of both the carpet and the atmosphere, but can be as fast as one hour. Can’t I just clean my carpet myself? We at Santa Barbara Power Carpet Cleaning may make it sound like carpet cleaning is a simple task. But that is because it is our business to make the process and worry-free and efficient for our carpet cleaning customers as possible. Doing it yourself can be expensive, taxing, and time consuming—often costing you just as much as paying us to do it! You would still have to buy the cleaning agents, rent the cleaning equipment and perform the labor yourself. There are also risks to carpet cleaning yourself if you are unfamiliar with the carpet cleaning process. Over-wetting the carpet in the carpet cleaning process is a major factor that can damage your carpet. Other risks in “do-it-yourself” carpet cleaning are as follows: •Discoloration of the carpet •Re-soiling of the carpet •Improper use of cleaning agents •Severe carpet damage due to unforeseen circumstances When considering cleaning your own carpets, we offer this advice: Leave it to the professionals. Santa Barbara Power Carpet Cleaning guarantees our work, and we even move your furniture for you! In addition, if you clean your carpets yourself, you are sometimes tempted to do things such as move through a carpet cleaning step more quickly than you should, become tired and therefore do a job that is “good enough” rather than the best, cut corners, miss steps unknowingly, feel daunted by having to move all of your furniture, than move it back without comprising the time needed for your carpet to dry, and other steps that you may not be aware of that can impact the success of your carpet cleaning. Santa Barbara Power Carpet Cleaning technicians are thoroughly trained and our work is guaranteed at 100% satisfaction. We have been in the carpet cleaning business for over a decade, and it shows. We offer carpet cleaning in Goleta, Santa Barbara, Isla Vista, Hope Ranch, Montecito, Summerland, and Carpinteria.