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Cleaning Commercial Carpets in Goleta & Santa Barbara A business, office or retail space with carpet endures heavy foot traffic on a daily base. Each day your business opens, you invite your customers, clients, vendors, visitors, employees and staff to enter, thereby allowing all of the accompanying carpet wear and tear. Harmful dirt, soot and soil get tracked in every single day, as well as bacteria and other random agents that cling to the bottom of every shoe that trudges through. This type of heavy foot traffic to your carpet, as well as the additional accidents, spills and stains associated with all carpet use, causes unsightly traffic areas, that seem all the more apparent when exposed to the general public. Stained, blemished and soiled carpet is not the first impression you want when catering to the public. Santa Barbara Power Carpet Cleaning understands your carpet dilemmas and offers you quality, profession carpet cleaning through our specialty carpet cleaning process that not only removes dirt and stains, but protects your carpet for future wear and tear. Our commercial carpet cleaning will extend the life of your carpet as well as prevent you from the expenditure of carpet replacement. Santa Barbara Power Carpet Cleaning will not only clean your professional office carpet and save you money, we will also provide deep carpet cleaning that collects nasty microscopic allergens and pollutants, improving the air quality and preventing these toxins from festering in your carpet. Other carpet cleaners may clean your carpet well, but we go above and beyond to make sure your carpet lasts long and stays as clean as possible, even after we have gone. Your commercial carpet will benefit from the many additional services Santa Barbara Power Carpet Cleaning can provide: •Carpet deodorizers •Carpet odor eliminators •Problem carpet solutions •Carpet protection Santa Barbara Power Carpet Cleaning’s Carpet Protection Process: Santa Barbara Power Carpet Cleaning protects your carpet and provides fabric protection in several ways. By using DuPont Teflon Advanced carpet protector, we lengthen the life of your carpet and protect your important investment, a compelling reason for us and our customers! More about Teflon for carpet protection: •Teflon soil protection is the best thing for carpets •Teflon repels spills and dirt that get carpet dirty and smelly •Teflon makes it easier to care for your carpet in the long run •Teflon can protect all types of carpet •Teflon is safe to use for carpet cleaning for humans and pets DuPont Teflon Advanced protects carpet by delivering a molecular shield that attaches to each carpet fiber, forming a guard of protection. This protective shield lowers the carpet’s surface energy, thereby allowing the carpet to repel dirt, dust, as well as liquid spills. Imagine a carpet shielding stains from saturating, preventing carpet fibers from absorbing major stains and odors, and keeping dirt from getting ground in. Teflon carpet protectant is applied by Santa Barbara Power Carpet Cleaning technicians with air sprayers, evenly coating each fiber in your carpet. The integrity of your carpet is not affected, as DuPont Teflon Advanced Protection is undetectable, leaving the carpet’s texture and appearance unchanged, and your fabric and upholstery look and feel the same as when we started. In addition to Teflon, Santa Barbara Power Carpet Cleaning has alternate protectants to meet your carpet cleaning needs. Simply make a carpet protection inquire and let us make the right choice for your type of carpet and your desired protection. We offer Goleta carpet cleaning and service the following areas Santa Barbara, Isla Vista, Hope Ranch, Montecito, Summerland, and Carpinteria.