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Carpet Repair 411 THIS, Just IN: Santa Barbara Power Carpet Cleaning repairs carpets! We are not only the leading carpet cleaning company in Santa Barbara County; we are also trained professionals in repairing carpets. If you have carpet damage caused by burns in your carpet, torn carpet, buckling carpet or carpet so damaged by pet spots that have made it seem as though your carpet needs replacing, consider repairing it first. Santa Barbara Power Carpet Cleaning can potentially save you the costly expense of carpet replacement by repairing rips and tears in your carpet. One of the ways we repair carpet is by repairing the damaged carpet area first, then re-stretch the carpet to restore its color and look, without replacing the entire carpet. Repair Carpet Color Santa Barbara Power Carpet Cleaning Repairs Carpet Color, Too! The carpet in your home undergoes a lot since it is used daily by you, family, pets, guests that can cause carpet color issues. Carpet color problems can arise from foot traffic, general wear and tear, accidental spills, pet stains, spots from everyday use, sun discoloration, food and drink damage and more! Here is a list of additional causes for carpet stains and carpet discolorations: •Coffee •Mustard •Perfume •Pet dirt, dander and accident stains •Ingredients in foot creams, body lotions, sunscreens and acne medication •Plant foods and insecticides All of these carpet damaging “perpetrators” can cause unsightly discolorations in your carpet. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to replace your entire carpet. Santa Barbara Power Carpet Cleaning offers you viable alternatives to replacing your carpet, such as effective carpet color repair and treatment. We provide many types of color repairs including side-match correction and all carpet color repair due to discolorations caused by: •Bleached carpet •Stained carpet •Carpet damage by pet stains and pet spot discoloration •Carpet faded by the sun •Carpet shading caused by foot traffic Extend the life of your carpet by cutting out the guess work and potentially causing more harm to your discolored carpet—call Santa Barbara Power Carpet Cleaning and let us handle the “dirty work!” Call today and receive your free, no obligation carpet cleaning estimate! (805) 252 - 0702 We offer carpet cleaning in Goleta, Santa Barbara, Isla Vista, Hope Ranch, Montecito, Summerland, and Carpinteria.